Hello and welcome!

This is me, Emma Johnson. If you have landed on my page, chances are you are looking for a photographer. What you have stumbled across though is not just any ordinary photographer.

*whispers while leaning forward* I am a storyteller of connection.

What does this mean? My entire life purpose is connection. I surround myself with it, intentionally.

I want all the connection. Between myself and my children, my husband, my friends, my clients, the person serving me at the grocery store. Everywhere we go is an opportunity for connection.

I want to capture the connection between my clients and their family, spouse and friends, pet, whoever it may be. Where there is connection, there is a story to be told.

I truly believe that if we do not have connection we have nothing.

So what a magical thing to capture, the thing that we cannot live without?

I would love to tell your story and capture your connection. Hit the “Contact me” tab to get chatting about how I can help tell your story.