Fisher Wedding

Tamara and Dave are apparently notoriously late. There were many cracks about them being late to everything, but one thing they weren’t late to was finding love. These two have an absolute abundance of it. Between each other, with their families and all their beautiful friends.

Hanging out with Tamara and Dave on their wedding day felt like hanging out with good friends. From me driving Tamara’s car and stalling it about a million times trying to take off in third gear, continuously forgetting to pick Dave up after he would open and close gates, Tamara and Cat hijacking the cameras to look at the photos in between locations, the fact that there was two photographers and a videographer in the bridal party, Gus taking all the weight of lifting Dave up for a photo I had in my head, Gus going back to search for a $3000 lens I had left lying in a paddock “somewhere near a bush”… as well as all the beauty of love and friend ship that goes with a wedding day. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your wedding day, I wish you all the love, health and happiness in the world x


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