Our Little Wild Thing turn’s 2

As I started to think about Flynn turning 2 I thought about my favourite book and how much it reminds us of Flynn and I knew we had to do a “Where the Wild Things Are” themed session.

I rush ordered a costume from the States, from the talented collaboration of Love Auntie Fiddle and Little Blue Olive and started making some of my own props including a raft and a sign.  The kids and I set off with my father in law in toe and after many dirt roads and route recalculating we arrived at the Sugar Pines!

I hadn’t been before and the feeling inside the Sugar Pines is absolutely breath taking. There is a calmness inside the Pines, the knowledge of just how old they are (90 years) and the beauty of them was just incredible!

Then our little wild thing entered and the wild rumpus began! There was donut eating, roaring, stomping and peek-a-boo-ing!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our beautiful little Flynn,

I’ll eat you up, I love you so!

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