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I am a wedding and family photographer located in Wagga Wagga. I am a wife and a mother to two adorable children, Millie and Flynn. We live in a household obsessed with rainbow unicorns, bubbles and magic. I love to document our daily life and this passion led me to documenting moments for others. 

I love to tell stories through images. I love to document authentic moments of connection. I have always understood the importance of documenting our lives however over the last few years the importance of this has been magnified and so for me the most important part of what I do is to truly get to the most integral moments. The connections we have with the people that mean the most in our lives. Moments filled with pure, raw emotion. 

One of my dreams was to build a studio where I could create a space for people that was warm, relaxing and inviting to have time away from their busy lives to focus solely on the connection they have with their loved ones and I am so happy to say that this exact space has been finished and is now ready for bookings! Jump over to "The Studio" tab to check it all out.

Love exists everywhere, we see and feel it all the time, sometimes without even noticing. I love to freeze these moments in time, to see them on your walls and know that these moments will be seen for generations to come, a reminder of just how incredible our lives are. 

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